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Question Waterline limit marks on a boat with plumb ends and zero overhang length. 2002 Class Rules.
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Under the 2002 CR and where a hull design has plumb (vertical) ends and the waterline endings extend to the extreme ends of the hull, may the waterline limit marks be placed around the bow and/or on the transom?


No. The class rules require the waterline limit marks to be placed on the undersurface of the hull.

A waterline limit mark placed around the bow some distance up from the LWL is not on the undersurface of the hull although it may be across the centreplane of the hull. Similarly with the waterline limit mark placed on the transom. These waterline limit marks would not comply with Class Rule D.2.1.

It is suggested you add a short extension(s) to the hull, where appropriate, that may carry the required waterline limit mark(s) that are on the underside of the hull as in the diagram below.

limit mark_on_10R_vertical_bow

The 2016 CR contain different wording and this issue is effectively resolved.

Figure L.4._Variation_1gb1  Figure L.4._Variation_2gb1  

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