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Question Where there are multiple deck limit marks.
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Where there are multiple deck limit marks, how should the measurer chose which one to measure to?


The Marblehead class rules do not seek to restrict the shape of the deck near the mast. It would be complex to do so and the point to which rig height is measured is taken to be relatively non-critical.

A deck limit mark for each rig/sail group shall be displayed on the hull centreplane near to the relevant mast position. The limit marks shall be a minimum of 5 mm in diameter.

It is for the owner to decide where to place each limit mark. If there is any lack of clarity regarding which limit mark applies to a rig/sail group the owner should be asked to identify the limit mark(s) accordingly.

Once the limit marks are identified the official measurer can carry out his measurements.

Equipment inspectors (event measurers) carrying out pre-race checks may wish to make deck limit marks 'permanent' by signing over the top.

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