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Question Placement of aft waterline limit mark on reverse sloping transom
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When a boat with a reverse sloping transom (retrousee transom) has a waterline limit mark placed at the waterline, but where the transom/stern of the boat extends beyond the limit mark under the water, what is the correct treatment under the class rules?


The class rule C.4.1 (c) requires that no part of the underwater hull extends beyond the waterline limit marks.

C.4.1 (c)   submerged parts of the hull shall not extend beyond the inboard edges of the waterline limit marks.

In the case described a part of the underwater hull does extend beyond the waterline limit mark (which is correctly placed). The boat does not comply with C.4.1 (c) and therefore is not eligible to compete in competition.

The owner needs to find some way to place the limit mark so that the boat complies with the class rules.


Classes 10R